7 Global Trends Shaping the Footwear Industry’s Future Consumer

Educated Female Consumers

More females are completing their education and choosing to work, which will result in a greater demand for women’s footwear and fashion.

The study examined India, which has closed the gap in the enrollment on secondary education between men and women. Women’s participation in India’s workforce is currently low, but their enrollment in different levels of education indicates that the country will see a significant increase of females in the workplace within the coming decades.

As more women gain economic independence, their power as household decision-makers will also increase. Brands are beginning to build brand loyalty now. In some instances, footwear brands are going directly to the female consumer. For example, the report highlighted Bata, which has implemented a door-to-door sales strategy, hiring female traveling salespeople to reach consumers in remote areas of Bangladesh. The saleswomen earn a commission from each sale.

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